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Mar 31, 2016

The childishness of our crew continues this week, especially with Karl's potty mouth. LoL

This week our group is preparing for the biggest event on our calendar this year - SEFF 2016! This episode is mainly our normal weekly update on what all we've been up to. Be sure to check out the RCG reviews of some interesting...

Mar 25, 2016

In this 350th installment of our show, the team shares interesting tales of their latest RC adventures, discuss some proper (and IMproper) ways of disposing of old LiPo batteries, and even visit with a couple of special guests - MultiRC Mark and Clintstone!


Assassin Wings

Taranis 'Guts' In A 9303 (Superb Idea!)

Mar 17, 2016

In this episode we are all back in the workshop discussing various topics - most related to the RC hobby. We've got news on more potential regulation of our hobby, some great products, and even some pretty nifty video editing software!


Naze 32 On Sale!

QQ190 X Frame

LARKS 5th Annual Spring Fling

Inexpensive FPV...

Mar 10, 2016

Lots of fun in this week's episode of our little show. We've got some news on some events, new items, and even some technical info this week!



Castle Creations Connectors Video

CC Connectors Pictures (Facebook)

Our Friend Patrick, In The News

Central Carolina Hand Launch Festival

Birmingham 2016 Heli Event


Mar 3, 2016

In this week's show we discuss some shortcomings in the FAA's new rules and registration system. There may be some hop, though, as the AMA has reported some some good news for hobbyists in the form of the AIRR Act. As well, Karl leads us in answering some questions regarding LiPo batteries.


LAPD's Drone Laws