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Jan 28, 2016

After some technical difficulties, our team finally gets this week's show off and running with some new items and a discussion with one of our favorite vendors - Jonathan Sawn from Sawn-Craft! Oh, and there's some more discussion about this year's big SEFF project, too! 

And finally, MultiRC has named an official team...

Jan 21, 2016

This week there's some great discussion amongst our crew on new products, past and future events, and even some PSAs. :) And just exactly WHAT is Team Cobra planning to build for SEFF this year? Tune in and get some clues!


Hot-Wire Styro Slicer

LazerToyz Skimmer Wing

RMRC Hellbender 122 

36" Electric Outlaw


Jan 14, 2016

Oh, you guys are going to really like this installment of our show. Just from the name of this one, you just KNOW you're in for a wacky ride this week. LoL

LOTS of good information in this one, though, so I hope you enjoy!


Carbon Cub 15cc ARF

Carbon-Z P2 Prometheus BNF

DRAK 5.8ghz Video Tx

Sawn Craft Zero Front...

Jan 7, 2016

In this week's show our team discusses the success of the latest Secret Santa gift exchange, as well as some great event coverage, an upcoming event to benefit the Boy Scouts in GA, as well as a little more coverage on this registration stuff with the FAA.


AMA's Registration FAQs 

Comment On The FAA's Ruling