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Nov 27, 2014

In this 287th show we talk a bit about the few things we've found for sale for Black Friday this year. The deals are not quite as abundant as we've seen in years past, but theres still a few to be found.


Boxcopter On The Hood Canal

The BoomCopter!

Horizon's RC Selfie Contest

Is GoPro Developing A Multi-Rotor?

Nov 20, 2014

As the name of this show suggests, this one got off to a VERY rocky start, but somehow we managed to get back on track. LoL In this 286th installment, we talk news, products, and videos. We talk briefly about this year's fundraiser (Sponsor Gift Program), as well as something new we're trying out - our CrashCast Secret...

Nov 13, 2014

In this week's show, we have an opportunity to visit with Jonathan Sawn, the owner of Sawn-Craft. Jonathan is the third generation of his family to offer up goodies to the model-building community, and you'll certainly want to have a look at some of the cool items he's producing!

In addition to our normal level of...

Nov 6, 2014

In this 284th installment of our little show, we get the opportunity to visit with our favorite cherry farmer from the great Northwest - Dougbo!!! Doug is an avid RC pilot that enjoys all disciplines of flight - from helicopters to 3D foamies, crunchies, and gassers. Doug's latest adventure in the hobby, though,...