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Oct 30, 2014

So in this 283rd installment, we talk about The RAMS Veterans Fly-In, some new products, FAA developments, and share some cool pictures. Being that Halloween is fast approaching, you may notice the spooky theme to some of the pictures. :) Oh, and you'll certainly want to find out all about Cathead's big break! LoL


Oct 23, 2014

Last weekend marked the 9th annual HHAEFI event at Mac Hodges compund in Andersonville, Georgia. Even though I was unable to attend this event we still have some coverage since Chris (Cathead), along with the rest of 'Arcola RC', WAS able to attend. Join us as we talk about this event and be sure to check out...

Oct 16, 2014

In this week's installment of our little show, we dip into the mail bag and answer a few questions regarding CNC machining. If you're not into the CNC thing, no worries - this is not really an entire show on the subject. We also discuss some events, FAA news items, and a few new products.


HHAEFI This Weekend!


Oct 9, 2014

In our 280th installment of the show we enjoy discussing a listener's comments made about a facet of our hobby that seems to be on the decline - Nitro-powered models. Join us as we reminisce about our golden days of using 'liquid fuel', as well as some of the pros and cons of Internal Combustion versus the Electric...

Oct 2, 2014

This week the crew just gets together to visit and talk about what all is going on in our lives. We've got some videos to share, news on some new items, and a great fly-in coming up again at Hodges Field.


Full Size Plane From Scraps?

GoPro Hero4 (Nice, but SPENDY!)

GoPro Hero (Coming soon - much better price)